Laura F. Filloramo, LMFT


Laura specializes in working with women experiencing symptoms that are impacting their mood, behaviors, relationships and overall identity. In therapy, Laura will help explore how past events may be impacting a client in the present. Laura believes that everyone has everything within to heal. Her role is to guide clients on the healing journey and help them find their own internal strength and resourcefulness.

Laura takes a collaborative approach with clients and will work with clients to create a treatment plan to support their healing. Laura provides genuine and compassionate support to each one of her clients in order to help them achieve these goals.

Laura's style of therapy is most impacted by her training in EMDR. She has completed EMDR basic training levels I & II and is a certified EMDR clinician by EMDRIA. Due to her passion for EMDR and the ways she has seen it support client healing, Laura is in the process of becoming an EMDR consultant.  EMDR has been shown to be an effective therapy for panic attacks, grief, anxiety, eating disorders, trauma & dissociation.